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Do you accept health insurance?

Our practice is insurance-free.

We are often asked why we choose to be insurance-free, and it is a sensitive subject for many. This model was chosen so that we can provide the best individual care in a holistic manner for each patient.

We work in partnership with you rather than insurance companies developing personalized care plans for you rather than based on what is covered. Here, you are investing in your health, and we spend the time needed to focus on you and your healing.

We are happy to provide a detailed printout if you wish to submit to your insurance, otherwise we always accept FSA/HSA funds and Debit/Credit Cards.

What can I expect at my visit?

You can expect a comprehensive physical exam, chiropractic adjustments, urinalysis, nutritional counseling, enzyme supplementation, and custom orthotics as tools to help you heal quickly and naturally.   Every person is an individual so we offer personalized care at a pace of healing that is appropriate for you.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Since we are an independent practice without insurance participation, you do not need a doctor's referral before receiving care.

How do herbs and supplements help my health journey?

We use a specialized physical exam as well as an advanced 24-hour urinalysis to determine what foods & nutrients your body can use and what it cannot without additional support.  Once we know the organs or systems that are unable to meet the demands being placed on them, we can institute a protocol of specific herbs and food enzymes that will nourish and support your body in the exact way it needs.

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