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Cracking the Code: How Chiropractic Care Can Help Alleviate Ear Infections.

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to treat ear infections. While antibiotics can effectively treat bacterial infections, they can also negatively affect the body's natural healing process.

First, antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria but do not differentiate between harmful and beneficial bacteria essential to our overall health. This means that antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria in the body, including those in the gut, that are important for maintaining a healthy immune system. This can weaken the immune system and make it more difficult for the body to fight off future infections, including ear infections.

Second, overuse of antibiotics can lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. When antibiotics are used too frequently or incorrectly, bacteria can develop resistance to the drugs, making them less effective over time. This can lead to more severe infections that are harder to treat and may require stronger antibiotics, further damaging the body's natural healing process.

Third, antibiotics can have adverse side effects, such as upset stomach, diarrhea, and allergic reactions, further compromising the body's ability to heal itself.

So what should we do, you ask?

Chiropractic adjustments help with ear infections in children by addressing underlying issues with the nervous and immune systems. The nervous system controls all body functions, including the immune system. When misalignments in the spine, called subluxations, it can interfere with the normal nervous system functioning. This can lead to various issues, including a weakened immune system and an increased susceptibility to infections like ear infections.

Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations and balance the body. Adjustments, along with specific herbs and enzymes will remove stress and allow the body to return to normal function. This, in turn, improves immune function and reduces the likelihood of infections like ear infections. Additionally, removing stress on the body will improve lymphatic drainage in the neck and head, which reduces inflammation and improves immune function in the ear.

Therefore be cautious about taking antibiotics for ear infections. Take a watchful waiting approach and allow the body's natural healing process to work. An antibiotic may be necessary if the infection is severe or does not improve within a certain period. By allowing the body to heal naturally, the immune system can become stronger and better equipped to fight off future infections, including ear infections.

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