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The Four Laws of the Body

As a kid, I remember helping my grandpa clean out his garage. As we were moving things out and organizing, we came upon a rusty old chainsaw. I asked him if it worked, and he quickly answered that it did. I was skeptical because of the condition, so I pressed him on it. “How do you know if works, when was the last time you used it?” With his typical quick wit, he responded “I know it works because the last time it worked, it worked!”

Thinking of that experience made me realize that we have that mentality for a lot of things, including our bodies. We expect them to work the same way they always have because the last time they worked, they worked. The problem with that line of thinking is that everything works until it breaks. And in the case of our bodies, we don’t always get a lot of warning before they do. After all, for most, the first symptom of a heart attack is death from a heart attack.

So what do can we do? Should we try to be like that old chainsaw and ride out our days in the back of the garage, hoping that no one tries to see if we still work? Should we have a YOLO attitude, or is there a better way?

It might surprise you that our bodies are governed by laws. There are only four, but breaking them has consequences - the difference between health and disease:

  1. Law of Nourishment. We must put in the nourishment that our body needs for it to be able to function properly. This includes nourishment for our minds.

  2. Law of Movement. Our bodies are built to move and to be moved. Each joint should be moved every day.

  3. Law of Recuperation. Our bodies need down time. We must allow time to heal, to repair, and to rebuild.

  4. Law of Sanitation. Our bodies need to be cleaned, inside and out.

By following these laws, we take the guess work out of health and ensure full function and potential. Leaving the body no choice but to be healthy. Health and disease are opposites. Like up/down or left/right - each opposes the other. They cannot exist at the same time. The more health you have, the less disease is possible.

The next time something doesn’t feel right, ask yourself “have I broken a law of my body?” and instead of waiting to find out when the last time something in your body is going to work, take steps to alter course and obey the laws.

We can help you take those steps toward your full, healthful potential? Visit us today for a complimentary consultation!

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