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Reduce Stress with Thankfulness

If you feel stressed or down at this busy time of year, don’t allow it to affect your overall health and wellbeing - research tells us that being grateful can lift the spirits and ease tension.

With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives and being grateful helps people connect to something larger than themselves — others, nature, and God for instance.

Gratitude helps us feel more positive emotions, delight in good experiences, improve health, manage stress, and build strong relationships.

There are many ways to feel and express gratitude. Whether thinking about the past (memories of childhood or past blessings), the present (not taking what you have for granted), and the future (remaining hopeful and keeping the faith). If you are struggling with positivity and gratitude, it’s something that can be nurtured to grow over time.

Ways to nurture thankfulness all year round

Having appreciation for what we have instead of searching for more to feel satisfied by physical or material desires helps us refocus on all we have instead of what we might be lacking. We can grow this mindset over time with practice.

Here are ways to grow in gratitude:

  • Write a thank-you note. You can bring about joy to you and someone else by writing a thank-you letter or email expressing your delight and appreciation for them. Make a habit of sending thank-you notes as often as you can, and occasionally write one to yourself. No time to write? Even mentally thanking someone who has done something nice for you lifts spirits.

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Make it a habit to write down things you are thankful for each day – big or small! Write about your blessings in specific way, noting how they make you feel.

  • Pray or meditate. Through prayer and meditation, you can cultivate gratitude by focusing on the present moment without dwelling on the past or fearing for the future.

The mind-body connection is extremely powerful. Negative thoughts, worries, fears, and anxiety can have terrible effects on the body. Recognizing the emotional stress and working in ways, like gratitude to release and cope with it minimize the impact the emotional stress has on the body.

Is stress affecting how you feel and limiting your full, healthful potential? Visit us today for a complimentary consultation, we want you to get back to you!

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