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How 3 Types of Stress are Affecting your Health

At Williams Chiropractic and Internal Health Center our goal is to expand the way a chiropractor can help patients achieve the health and wellness goals that sometimes feel out of reach. We believe that humans were created with an intelligence, allowing our bodies to be self-regulating and self-healing. That intelligence can be compromised with the stress that our bodies undergo daily. Stress can create an environment that disrupts our body’s ability to heal, regulate, and function normally. Therefore, at Williams Chiropractic and Internal Health Center we think about our treatment philosophy in one simple way – treating the stress.

Stress is recognized as the number one hidden killer disease. It is called a hidden killer because it goes unnoticed as we look just at symptoms. We think if we simply address symptoms, we have solved the health problem. In reality, understanding the symptoms is only the beginning. Symptoms are a result of a body’s inability to cope with the stress being placed on it but are not the root cause of the issue. To see true healing and achieve true health, we need to find and resolve what is causing the stress. Although the term stress seems extremely broad, the sources can be broken down into three main categories.

Physical Stress

What physical stress is:

Because we are upright most of the day, physical stress is almost always present. Things like your spinal alignment and movement capability, previous or current accidents, poor posture, things you were born with that might be slightly different than the way other people are, and extra weight are example of the kinds of things that cause stress to our bodies as we aim to remain upright.

How we treat physical stress:

We will adjust your entire spine, and another other joints that have not be functioning the best they can. In addition to these chiropractic adjustments, we often use custom orthotics (insoles in your shoes) to provide biomechanical balance.

Nutritional Stress

What nutritional stress is:

There is an old saying that you are what you eat and the things we put in our body are important, but what is often overlooked is what your body does with the food you eat once we eat it. Just because you eat good food, does not necessarily mean that your body can always use it the way you need it. It is also very hard to make good food choices. As our food sources and diets have changed through the last century to include processed foods and chemical additives. This is done to preserve foods, but it comes at a cost. One way to preserve food is to remove the natural enzymes found in it, which help our bodies digest the food. By removing enzymes, food can be stored for longer periods of time. The goal of preserving food comes at the cost of creating nutritional stress in our bodies.

How we treat nutritional stress:

Enzymes are the workers of our bodies. They are responsible for lots of things, including digestion, healing and repair, and our immune systems. We could not survive without them. Since we usually rely on food to supply some of our enzymes, by removing the enzymes, we force more work on our bodies. The more enzymes we use up in our body to digest our food, the less we have available for other things, like our immune system. This enzyme deficiency can have devastating effects on our bodies. To correct this, we use a specialized physical exam as well as an advanced 24-hour urinalysis to determine what foods & nutrients your body can use and what it cannot without additional support. Once we know the organs or systems that are unable to meet the demands being placed on them, we can begin a routine of specific herbs and food enzymes that will nourish and support your body in the unique way it needs.

Emotional Stress

What emotional stress is: The mind-body connection is extremely powerful. Negative thoughts, worries, fears, and anxiety can have terrible effects on the body. Understanding the source of emotional stress can sometimes be easier than the solution. Knowing that the source is a stressful job, or a stressful relationship does not always provide the answer to removing the stress. After the source of the emotional stress has been determined, we will begin using emotional release techniques and coping strategies to minimize the impact the emotional stress has on the body.

How we treat emotional stress:

The human body is simple in its complexity and complex in its simplicity, but it responds to stress, no matter the source, in the same way. By finding the source of stress, adjusting the affected joints and correcting structural issues, nourishing deficient tissue and body systems, and addressing emotions, the body can heal and get back to an ideal place of function and healing and you can reach your body’s full, healthful potential.

Is stress affecting how you feel and limiting your full, healthful potential? Visit us today for a complimentary consultation, we want you to get back to you!

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