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Strong Immunity - Avoiding the Wolf

We all know the childhood story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, right?

Our bodies and immune systems are a lot like the houses of the three little pigs – their strength matters. So much of what we hear and focus our energy on throughout the current health crisis is about “avoiding the wolf.” Focus has been on hiding and modifying our circumstances and environment, but not about strengthening our bodies. Imagine how empowering it would be to create a house capable of withstanding the huffing and puffing from the wolf, and not just the current wolf, but any wolf. Because even if you managed avoiding this wolf, how long will it be before it finds you or there is another one to contend with? Will your house be strong enough when the huffing and puffing starts again? That is the amazing thing about how our bodies work. We can strengthen them, and our immune systems to be ready for a variety of things.

So, if our bodies are like the pig’s houses, how do you know which type you are living in? How do you know if you are making a brick house or one made of straw? Remember that building a strong body takes effort. Just like the third pig, there is a journey and hard work involved in developing a strong body and immune system.

That hard work begins by looking at ourselves with an honest and critical eye.

To find out, ask yourself these six questions:

  1. Have you been diagnosed with or are you being treated for any condition or illness? Evidence continues to support that patients with underlying health conditions have a much greater chance of developing complications when the wolf shows up.

  2. What is your diet like? Do you eat fresh foods that nourish your body or are you eating foods that are lacking?

  3. How is your sugar intake? Think about sweets beyond things like cookies, candy, baked goods, and soft drinks, but also things that quick convert to sugar. Any grain, once broken down by the body, is quickly made into sugar. Things like breads, pasta, cereals, oats, rice, and corn should all be considered part of your sugar intake.

  4. Can you properly digest the foods you are eating? If you are working hard at eating the right things, but cannot properly digest them, your body will still be starving for proper nutrition.

  5. Are you moving your body every day? Movement is extremely important to health. Every joint in our bodies should be moved every day – helping with joint function and the vital connection between the joint and the brain.

  6. Are you prioritizing sleep? Our bodies need to rest. We use sleep as a time to recover. Without that recovery time, we are not prepared to face the day’s challenges.

Answering these types of questions can be uncomfortable. No one likes to see themselves as building a straw or stick house, but when you identify where you are, it becomes much easier to see the way forward.

All of us can be healthy, we can take after the third pig. Each day we are given a choice, to build up our bodies or tear them down. By understanding what our bodies need, we can all build a strong brick house.

With strong immunity - rather than avoiding the wolf, we can stand defiantly from a position of strength, knowing that no matter how hard that wolf huffs and puffs, he will never blow our house in.

For optimal immunity, Williams Chiropractic & Internal Health Center can help you build a strong body. If you feel like you've done all the right things and still aren't feeling your best, come in and talk with us about it today. We offer complimentary consultations – so you can achieve the health and wellness goals that have felt out of reach.

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