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Williams Chiropractic & Internal Health Center – NOW OPEN in Grand Rapids

Dr. Michael F. Williams, Jr., D.C., I.H.S. of Williams Chiropractic & Internal Health Center today announced the opening of his new practice at 2335 Burton Street SE, Suite 170. Dr. Williams is a Chiropractor and Internal Health Specialist providing a reimagined chiropractic approach, redefining health for his patients by helping them achieve health and wellness goals that have previously felt out of reach.

“We believe humans were created with an intelligence, allowing our bodies to self-regulate and self-heal. Stress can create an environment that disrupts that intelligence. Our treatment philosophy is simple – address stress. says Dr. Williams, Owner of Williams Chiropractic. “Now more than ever, we are confronted with a tremendous amount of stress, that often leads to behaviors that only perpetuate it. We work with patients to address what is ailing them physically, nutritionally and emotionally.”

In addressing structural, nutritional, and emotional stressors on our bodies, Williams Chiropractic uses things like:

· Chiropractic adjustments and orthotics

· Herbal and enzymatic supplements

· Emotional release techniques

We are now welcoming new patients. We can even accommodate for same-day and next-day appointments. For more information about our care approach please visit and schedule a complimentary consultation today!

About Williams Chiropractic & Internal Health Center:

Williams Chiropractic & Internal Health Center has been serving patients Since 2009, born from a passion to help people achieve and maintain health. Armed with the knowledge, skills, and experience in chiropractic care, paired with advanced certifications through the Food Enzyme Institute as a Digestive Health Professional and Internal Health Specialist, Williams Chiropractic is a renewed kind of practice. We deeply understand the challenges our patients face to achieve optimal health. We know what it is like to hurt, to feel unwell or to feel stuck. We are here to guide and help you cherish, nourish, and support your body so it can thrive.

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